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6 December 2022

8.00 - 9.00 am
Foyer of G81

9.00 am
Plenary 3 (Remote)
Prof. Tongwen Xu (University of Science and Technology of China)
Roll-to-roll production of alkaline stable anion-exchange membrane
Chair: Prof Xiwang Zhang

10.00 am
Morning Tea

Session 3b

Membrane Applications

Room G03

Chairs: Edward Nxumalo and Chi Cheng

10.30 am

Edward Nxumalo (Keynote)

University of South Africa

Opportunities for membrane technology in Africa

11.00 am

Behnam Ghalei (Invited Remote)

Kyoto University

Nano-Featured Gas Separation Membranes for Energy and Enviromental Appliations

Session 3c

Membrane Materials

Room 101

Chairs: Amir Razmjou and Xiwang Zhang

10.40 am

Amir Razmjou (Invited)

Edith Cowan University

Membranes for Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) 

12.00 pm

Session 4b

Membrane Applications

Room G03

Chairs: Mikel Duke and Elvis Saric

1.10 pm

Sandra Aristizabal

King Abdullah Univesrity of Science and Technology

Closed-Loop Processing of Solvent-resistant Membranes from Commercially Available Polymers 

2.50 pm
Afternoon Tea

2.50 - 3.20 pm
Foyer G81

Session 5a

Materials and Demonstrations (Online)

Room G81

Chairs: Mikel Duke and Ludovic Dumee

3.20 pm

Tzyy Chong (Keynote Remote)

Nanyang Technological University

High Recovery Water Reclamation Process

3.50 pm

Chuyang Tang (Keynote Remote)

University of Hong Kong

Transport phenomena in thin film composite membranes with an interlayer (TFNi)

4.40 pm

Roqaya Ismail (Remote)

Khalifa University

Zwitterionic Polydopamine as an Antifouling Agent in Ultrafiltration System

Session 5b

Miscellaneous Membranes

Room G03

Chairs: Huacheng Zhang and Michel Lefebvre

3.20 pm

Uwe Beuscher (Keynote Remote)

W. L. Gore & Associates

Membrane Applications for Flue Gas Remediation

3.50 pm

Huacheng Zhang (Invited)


Enhanced gating effects in sub-nanofluidic channels

4.50 pm

Emile Cornelissen (Invited Remote)

Ghent University

Using Natural Virus Markers to Safeguard the Integrity of Membrane Plants

Poster Session
5.10 pm
Room 101

Gianna (Sin Sieng) Sim
University of Melbourne
Transport Phenomena in Ion Exchange Membranes

Sui Zhang
National University of Singapore
Guiding membrane design and development by machine learning

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