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7 December 2022

8.00 - 9.00 am
Foyer G81

9.00 am
Plenary 4
Dr  Lidietta Giorno
Institute on Membrane Technology of the National Research Council of Italy
“Bio” for membranes: perspectives and challenges
Chair: Dr Zongli Xie

10.00 am
Morning Tea

Session 6b

Gas Separation and Materials

Room G03

Chairs: Noreddine Ghaffour and Aaron Thornton

10.40 am

Noreddine Ghaffour (Invited)

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Novel feed spacer designs and membrane cleaning using carbon dioxide nucleation for (bio)fouling control

11.20 am

Seungju Kim

The University of Melbourne

Thermally Rearranged Nanofibre Membranes for CO2 Stripping

Session 6c


Room 101

Chairs: Ludovic Dumee and Matthew Hill

10.30 am

Matthew Hill (Keynote)

Monash University

Reversible Oxygen Sorption in MOFS

12.00 pm

Session 7a


Room G81

Chairs: Johannes Vrouwenvelder and Mihail Barboiu

1.00 pm

Johannes Vrouwenvelder (Kenynote)


Reverse Osmosis Biofouling: Emerging Assessment Tools and Control

1.30 pm

Mihail Barboiu (Keynote)

Institut Europeen des Membranes

Artificial Water Channels - towards Biomimetic Membranes for Desalination

Session 7b


Room G03

Chairs: Ranil Wichramasinghe and Sally El Maeragawi

2.10 pm

Sena​​ Yaltur

NX Filtration

Resource recovery using direct nanofiltration membranes

2.30 pm

Maryse Drouin

Aix-Marseille University

SiC membrane performances for marine scrubber water treatment 

Session 7c


Room 101

Chairs: Joe da Costa and Rakesh Joshi

1.00 pm

Joe da Costa (Keynote)

The University of Queensland

Membrane Percrystallisation of Mineral Brines, Food and Pharmaceutical Compounds

1.30 pm

Rakesh Joshi (Invited)

University of New South Wales

Graphene oxide membranes for purification and separation

2.10 pm

Gongping Liu (Invited Remote)

Nanjing Tech University

New approach to fabricate PDMS thin-film composite membrane toward CO2 capture

2.30 pm

Shouliang Yi (Invited)

US Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory

Advanced Membranes for Selective Ion/Molecular Separation and Bio-electrochemical CO2 Conversion

2.50 pm
Afternoon Tea

2.50 - 3.20 pm
Foyer G81

Session 8B


Room G03

Chairs: Stephen Gray and Filicia Wicaksana

3.20 pm

Stephen Gray (Keynote)

Victoria University

Membrane Processes for the Circular Economy

4.10 pm

Filicia Wicaksana

The University of Auckland

Membrane Fouling Mitigation with Water Hammer

4.50 pm

Saravanamuthu Vigneswaran

University of Technology Sydney

Fouling Reduction by Membrane Bioreactor Used as a Pre-treatment in Desalination

Session 8c

Gas Separation

Room 101

Chairs: Ryan Lively and Qiang Fu

3.20 pm

Ryan Lively (Keynote)

Georgia Institute of Technology

Membrane-based fractionation of complex mixtures

3.50 pm

Qiang Fu

University of Technology Sydney

Polymeric Materials for Efficient Solar Vapour Generation

4.30 pm

Muhammad Zulkifli

University of Queensland

Metal Organic Framework Glass Composite Membranes for Gas Separation

Conference Dinner
6.30 pm
Park Royal Monash

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