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Industry Workshop

Date & Time: Sunday 4th December (09:00 to 15:00)
Venue: Monash University - Clayton Campus
Attendees: Academic and industry IMSTEC Conference Delegates



Industry Workshop – Vision 2030: where next?
This IMSTEC industry workshop will be a glimpse into a future where membrane technologies and infrastructure can play an integral role in the advancement of society, and our climate, public health, and environmental goals. 

Starting with a series of short ‘Visions of the Future” talks from leading industry professionals and academics, the attendees will participate in lively panel discussion, and be posed with some questions around finding solutions to the challenges and barriers to the use of membrane technologies in our post 2030 future. 
The key themes this workshop will cover are:

  • The Role of Membranes in Decarbonising the World – carbon capture and storage, low energy technologies in industry.

  • When Every Drop Counts – beyond just zero liquid discharge, towards achieving zero waste discharge, brine valorisation and/or resource recovery.

  • Membranes and Public Health – the ongoing risk of pathogens, microbial resistant organisms, heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants to public health. The role that membranes can play to protect us now and into the future.


Registration Rates:
Registration open in July

  • MSA Members - $ 0

  • Non-MSA Members – $ 50

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