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5 December 2022

8.00 - 9.00 am
Foyer of G81

9.00 am
Conference Welcome
Chair: Mikel Duke and Xiwang Zhang

9.10 am
Plenary 1
Prof. Jerry Lin (Arizona State)
CO2-Pmerselective Membrane Reactors for Hydrogen Production with Carbon Capture
Chair: Prof Mikel Duke

10.10 am
Morning Tea

11.00 am
Plenary 2
Prof. Amy Childress (University of Southern California)
Membrane Systems for Integrated Desalination and Potable Reuse
Chair: Prof Stephen Gray

12.00 pm

Session 1a

Membrane Materials

Room 101

Chairs: Peter Budd and Mikel Duke

1.00 pm

Peter Budd (Keynote)

University of Manchester

Ringing the changes in PIM topology

1.30 pm

Rijia Lin

The University of Queensland

Interfacial Engineering of Metal-Organic Framework Glass Composites


2.10 pm

Yiquan Deng

University of Queensland

Litihium Salt Production using Membrane Percrystallisation

Session 1c

Membrane Materials

Room G81

Chairs: Huanting Wang and Colin Scholes

1.00 pm

Huanting Wang (Keynote)

Monash University

Nanofluidic membranes for molecular and ionic separations

1.30 pm

Qilei Song (Invited Remote)

Imperial College London

Innovation in Ion-Selective Membranes for Electrochemical Energy Storage

1.50 pm

Kyle Engel

The University of Auckland

Additive Manufacturing of Ionically Conductive Polymer Membrane Artificial Muscles

Session 1d

Inorganic membranes and Gas Separation

Room 132

Chairs: Sandra Kentish and Kumar Agrawal

1.00 pm

Hideto Matsuyama (Keynote Remote)

Kobe University

Organic solvent mixture separation using Organic Solvent Reverse Osmosis (OSRO) membranes

1.30 pm

Sandra Kentish (Keynote)

The University of Melbourne

Greenhouse Gas Capture – Recent Results

2.20 pm

Dema Almasri

Hamad Bin Khalifa University

A novel clay-based ceramic membrane for wastewater treatment.

3.00 pm
Afternoon Tea

3.00 - 3.30 pm
Foyer of G81

Session 2a

Membrane Application

Room 101

Chairs: Yung Chang and George Chen

3.30 pm

Yung Chang (Keynote)

Chung Yuan Christian University

Bio-inspired Zwitterionic Membranes: Design and Application

4.00 pm

Arthi Karunanithi

Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay
Electrospun Carbon based PVA Membrane for Oil Water Separation and its Antifouling properties.

4.20 pm

George Chen (Invited)

The University of Melbourne

Organic Acid Separation Using Membrane Technology

5.20 pm

Mohd Hafiz Dzarfan Othman (Keynote)

Universiti Teknologi Malyasia

Visible-Light Driven Photocatalytic Membrane for the Removal of Persistent Organic Pollutants

Session 2b

Membrane Processes

Room G03

Chairs: Leonard Tijing and Xiwang Zhang

3.30 pm

Enrico Drioli (Keynote Remote)

 University of Calabria

Potentialities and limits of Membrane Distillation and related technologies

4.40 pm

Sofiane Soukane (Remote REmote)

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Reducing scaling proneness in large-scale MD modules using feed redistribution strategies

5.00 pm

Leonard Tijing (Invited) University of Technology Sydney

Janus Membranes for High Salinity Brine Treatment via Membrane Distillation

Session 2c

Membrane Materials

Room G81

Chairs: Ingo Pinnau and Jingwei Hou

4.00 pm

Jingwei Hou (Invited) 

University of Queensland

Interfacial engineering of metal-organic framework nanocomposite membranes

4.20 pm

Chi Cheng (Invited)

The University of Melbourne

Atomically thin membranes for molecular separations in organic liquid systems

5.20 pm

Yun Chul Woo (Invited)

Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology

Thin film composite reverse osmosis membranes via co-solvent assisted interfacial polymerization

Online Session 1
Chairs: Andrea Merenda and Filicia Wicaksana

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