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8 December 2022

8.00 - 9.00 am
Foyer G81

9.00 am
Plenary 5 (Remote)
Tina Arrowood  (DuPont) 
Innovative Brine Concentration Membranes Enable Lower Cost MLD/ZLD Treatment
Chair: Dr Geoffrey Johnston-Hall

10.00 am
Morning Tea

Session 9a


Room G03

Chairs: Aditya Sharma and Chi Cheng

11.30 pm

Wojciech Kujawski (Invited Remot)

Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun

Aluminium foil modification by Piranha Solutions (PS) to control the level of silanes loading

11.50 am

Zhuyuan Wang

Monash University

Scalable High Yield Exfoliation of Monolayer Nanosheets

12.10 pm

Yingchao Dong (Invited)

Dalian University of Technology

Design of Ceramic-based Membranes for Sustainable Water Treatment

Session 9c

Operation and Module

Room 101

Chairs: Xiwang Zhang and Muhammad Baig

11.30 am

Zijing Mo

Nanyang Technological University

An Osmotic Battery Integrating Reverse Osmosis and Pressure-retarded Osmosis for Gird-Scale Energy Storage

12.30 pm

1.00 pm
Plenary 6
Prof. Kazuo Yamamoto (University of Tokyo)

2.00 pm
Closing Ceremony

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